Do You Want a Kitchen Designer to Work For You or With You?

At KRB Kitchen and Bath Design Center we love working with happy clients!   We also truly believe we have happy clients because we work together with them to help them achieve their kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling needs.   We think working with you is much more fun and rewarding than working for you.  That’s because when we work with you it doesn’t feel like work. We are part of a team all working together with the same goal in mind: helping you design and buy the right kitchen for you, your home and your family-all within your budget.  Because it’s your kitchen, not ours, as professionals we need to work with you to explore, understand and redesign the spaces at your home so they feel like yours, not ours! Continue reading

Tips To Help You Make Confident Kitchen and Bath Selections

Choosing the right kitchen and bath products for your home is an important job.  You want to make sure you choose the right products for your all of your needs.  There are many other important factors that should be considered before you make your final selections.  At KRB, our staff is trained and has the experience to help you make confident decisions.   Simply put, we help you get started by keeping your end goals in mind.  To help you do this, we ask you to spend some time thinking about, imagining, and pre-experiencing the new kitchen or bath of your dreams. Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between a Design Agreement and a PDA?

Most kitchen and bathroom showrooms can offer you a design agreement.  At KRB we offer what we refer to as our Project Development Agreement or PDA.  There is definitely a big difference between them.   In this article we will share with you those differences so you can confidently decide which makes the most sense for you and your project.  If you would like to learn more about our PDA and our process, click here to see a sample PDA. Continue reading

What’s the Difference Between an Estimate and a Fixed Price?

Most remodeling customers ask for an estimate for kitchen and or bathroom renovations.  Some kitchen and bath remodeling contractors provide estimates while others offer fixed pricing.  KRB Kitchen and Bath Design Center offers both, as well as what we call a preliminary opinion of cost. But what are you really looking for?  Be careful, if you ask for an estimate, but assume it’s a fixed price, you might be very surprised and disappointed when you get the final bill.  To help set things straight let’s define all three so you can decide and ask for what you really want or need when working with a kitchen and bath remodeling contractor. Continue reading

Why We Won’t Be Able to Help You Without First Agreeing on a Project Budget.

One of the ways KRB is different from other bath and kitchen renovation contractors is that we will not be able to work on your design unless we first agree to a realistic budget for your project. If you have no idea how much a kitchen makeover will cost or how much custom bathroom renovations should cost, have no fear, we can help you with that.  But if you won’t discuss and agree to a budget with us, we will not be able to help you.  Below are three reasons we require a budget to work with you to design your renovation project. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why KRB Can Promise a Fixed Price Kitchen or Bath Renovation

At KRB Kitchen and Bath Design Center we begin with the end in mind.  That means, in order to promise your project finishes at the fixed price quoted, both KRB and our customers need to work together.  And, as we work together, we will both need to do our respective parts during the planning stages of your project.  Some kitchen and bath showrooms offer design only and do not do remodeling or installation.  Their designs typically do not consider the cost or practicality of construction.  KRB is different.  We do not offer design only.  We only offer design services as part of our Project Development Process.  In addition to design, our Project Development Process also includes putting real costs on the project as it is designed, preparing plans and instructions for our craftsman, and prestaging your project so it is ready for construction. That means your project can be realistically scheduled based on product lead times and your products can be ordered so they will be at the job site when our craftsman need them.  All this preplanning, ours and yours, is one reason we can offer you a fixed price.

You must do your part if you want a fixed price Continue reading

How KRB Makes Sure Your Design Stays Within Your Budget

At KRB Kitchen and Bath we promise your kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling and design will stay within your budget.  To help you accomplish this, we work with you to help you establish a realistic budget for your project before the design work begins. Establishing the budget begins with our In-Home Visit and Consultation with you at your home.  By discussing your project with you at your home, and by looking at and inspecting the areas of your home to be renovated, we can help you establish a realistic budget. It will then be used to guide and control the design so it stays within that budget.  As part of the In-Home Consultation, we assemble for you what we refer to as our Preliminary Opinion of Cost Package.  The package clarifies the scope of work to be performed as well as what is to be included and was assumed when establishing the budget. Continue reading

Should You Pay For Kitchen Design Services?

Some kitchen and bath design centers charge for design services, many others do not.  At KRB Kitchen and Bath Design Center, we do charge to help you design your kitchen or bath renovation.  Even if you are only looking to buy your cabinets from us, but plan on installing them yourself or have a contractor install them for you, we charge to help you design your kitchen cabinet and countertops layout as well.  Whether you should pay for design services is really up to you.  Of course, as professional kitchen and bath industry specialists, we think you should pay for professional design to insure you get the services you need from real professionals. 

As the old saying goes; “You get what you pay for”. Continue reading

Should You Stop By Our Showroom or Schedule an Appointment?

We invite you to stop by our Stratham, NH showroom and design center anytime it’s open to check out our kitchen and bath displays and products.  We are open 9-5 Monday through Friday, and 10-2 on Saturday.

Sometimes we have more customers stop by than we are able to personally assist.  If you would like some personal attention and assistance when you come by, we strongly recommend that you call first to make an appointment.  That way, you can be sure you will get to ask the questions you have and can start your path towards making informed and confident decisions for your kitchen makeover or custom bathroom renovations.

By setting an appointment, you can get the attention you need to take best advantage of our bath and kitchen showroom.  With a scheduled appointment we can also introduce you to our bath and kitchen design center area appointed with current styles and trends. It is filled with cabinetry hardware, accessory products, cabinet style and finish samples, countertop products and edging options, faucets, sinks, shower stalls, floor coverings, tile, vanities and a whole lot more.  With all those offerings, perhaps you can now see why we recommend making an appointment! Continue reading

3 Things to Think About Before You Visit a Kitchen and Bath Design Center

Remodeling a kitchen and or bath can be very exciting. Thoughts of using and experiencing the new space can make you wish the project was already completed! However, in your haste to get it going, make sure your excitement doesn’t end up clouding or compromising your judgement.   Make sure you invest adequate time planning and designing, choosing products, and asking the right questions to make sure the experience you will have using the new space lives up to the one playing out in your imagination.  To help you out with this, we have assembled this list of three things to consider before you start your journey of visiting a kitchen and bath showroom and/or interviewing a kitchen and bath renovation contractor. Continue reading