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Monthly Archives: December 2015

6 Kitchen Trends You May Overlook, Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2016

There are modern kitchen design trends 2016 you may not noticed. Multi-functional and invisible designs improving the appeal of contemporary kitchens, extensive glass elements in modern kitchen design and advanced high-tech gadgets are wonderful kitchen trends for 2016 renovation.

Lushome shares modern kitchen design trends which you probably did not notice. They help to make modern kitchen design more contemporary, stylish and multi-functional. The kitchen stays the center of any family life and will never lose its importance.

Latest trends in decorating and modern kitchen design trends bring practicality and convenience into homes. Easy to clean surfaces, sleek design ideas and usage of natural materials are the modern kitchen design trends 2016. Multi-functional designs and artistic details add beauty to kitchen trends and help create personalized and unique kitchen interiors in 2016.

Multi-functional and practical design combined with unique details and rich accents are the most important trends in modern kitchen design. Continue reading

Build to Save Energy

Stop Global Warming With Earth-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Design

By Jackie Craven

The most exciting houses being built today are energy-efficient, sustainable, and thoroughly green. From solar-powered dwellings to homes underground, some of these new houses are entirely “off the grid,” generating more power than they actually use. But even if you aren’t ready for a radical new house, you can slash your utility bills through energy-efficient remodeling.


  1. Build a Solar House

Think solar houses are clunky and unattractive? Check out these spiffy solar houses. They are designed and built by college students for the “Solar Decathlon” sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Yes, they’re small, but they are 100% powered by renewable sources.

  1. Add Solar Panels to Your Old House

If you live in a traditional or historic home, you’ll probably hesitate to add high-tech photovoltaic solar panels. But some older homes can be converted to solar without harming their architectural charm. Plus, converting to solar can be surprisingly affordable, thanks to tax rebates and other cost-cutting incentives. Check out the solar installation at the historic Spring Lake Inn in Spring Lake, New Jersey.More » Continue reading

7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch In 2016

All home remodeling trends come and go, but when you’re talking about the most trafficked room of the house, some say the heart of the home, it’s vital to know what others are doing in case you ever decide to sell.

Kitchen cabinet trends have not changed as much as other areas around the kitchen, such as kitchen countertops, but a few dominant trends have taken shape in 2015. Fortunately enough, many experts agree that most of the kitchen cabinet trends discussed below are not going away in 2016. Continue reading

13 Handy Tutorials Every Homeowner Should Pin Right Now

These tricks will make you feel like a professional decorator and handyman. We use these all the time . We are a design/build company and Kitchen and bath design and installation professionals.


From: Good Housekeeping




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10 True Tales of Home Renovation Nightmares

Wait until you hear where a certain raccoon got stuck.

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