3 Reasons Why KRB Can Promise a Fixed Price Kitchen or Bath Renovation

At KRB Kitchen and Bath Design Center we begin with the end in mind.  That means, in order to promise your project finishes at the fixed price quoted, both KRB and our customers need to work together.  And, as we work together, we will both need to do our respective parts during the planning stages of your project.  Some kitchen and bath showrooms offer design only and do not do remodeling or installation.  Their designs typically do not consider the cost or practicality of construction.  KRB is different.  We do not offer design only.  We only offer design services as part of our Project Development Process.  In addition to design, our Project Development Process also includes putting real costs on the project as it is designed, preparing plans and instructions for our craftsman, and prestaging your project so it is ready for construction. That means your project can be realistically scheduled based on product lead times and your products can be ordered so they will be at the job site when our craftsman need them.  All this preplanning, ours and yours, is one reason we can offer you a fixed price.

You must do your part if you want a fixed price

As a participant of our design process you will have to do your part to help us establish and protect the fixed price.   That means you will need to do your own homework and due diligence both before and during the process.   The goal is to limit, as much as possible, any changes or requested additional work after construction begins.   Below are just a few examples of things you may need to do:

  • Obtaining financing
  • Being realistic about your budget
  • Researching appliances to be sure they serve your purpose and budget
  • Selecting products and colors
  • Making informed decisions, and sticking to them
  • Making sure all decision makers are on the same page
  • Deciding where to store the things you use and how much storage you want/need
  • Writing down your questions between meetings so they don’t get missed

Our entire team needs to do their part too!

In order to quote you a fixed price, we must first do a good job during design so our craftsman and our trade partners can provide us with fixed pricing for each of their portions of the work.  To accomplish this, during the design process we often consult with our construction team to help us evaluate existing conditions, explore cost effective construction methods and make sure we don’t miss anything required by building codes. Because you pay us for these services as part of the KRB Project Development Process, we feel it is our job to take responsibility if we missed anything that should have been included.  Based on past experiences building from designs created by other businesses and the financial challenges incomplete plans can cause, we have decided to combine design and construction.  Therefore, we cannot help you with kitchen or bathroom remodeling design unless you also have us complete the work.

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