3 Things to Think About Before You Visit a Kitchen and Bath Design Center

Remodeling a kitchen and or bath can be very exciting. Thoughts of using and experiencing the new space can make you wish the project was already completed! However, in your haste to get it going, make sure your excitement doesn’t end up clouding or compromising your judgement.   Make sure you invest adequate time planning and designing, choosing products, and asking the right questions to make sure the experience you will have using the new space lives up to the one playing out in your imagination.  To help you out with this, we have assembled this list of three things to consider before you start your journey of visiting a kitchen and bath showroom and/or interviewing a kitchen and bath renovation contractor.

Create a list or simple agenda to help you prepare

A lot of customers come to our showroom with their own list of questions.  We find this very helpful.  Even more beneficial is to see your list before we answer your questions. We can often see a common purpose behind your questions, as several usually revolve around similar concerns or goals.  Also by reviewing your full list, we can often rearrange the order of the questions to help both of us create an agenda for discussing the questions in a logical order. This is to better help serve your purpose for asking the questions.  By making a list it is less likely you will miss asking a very important question.   Here are a few examples of questions we get:

  • Does your kitchen and bath design process help me stay within my remodeling budget?
  • After we agree on a price and I sign a contract can my final price change?
  • What’s the difference between an estimate and a fixed price?
  • I see you offer a Project Development Agreement, not a design agreement.  What’s the difference?
  • Can someone here help me with picking out colors as well as my kitchen and bath products?
  • Will I get a detailed description of the work we agree to?
  • Someone told me your company uses Lead Carpenters.  What is a Lead Carpenter and why do you use them?

Be prepared to discuss your budget

One question we get quite often is how much will a new kitchen or bath cost?  Great question!  The best answer is whatever you want it to cost.  We have many bath and kitchen product options to meet just about any budget.  The important thing for you to decide is what you are willing to invest.  Our responsibility is to let you know if can we help you get what you want within your budget or help you realize what your budget will need to be in order to get what you want. 

But don’t let coming up with your budget before you visit with us hold you back.  We are happy to help you.  What we do ask is you come prepared and willing to discuss budget with us.  This is important because without a budget to guide both you and our team, how could our team help you keep your project and its design within your budget?

What type of business or businesses do you want to work with?

In a different article we offered three ways we think KRB is different.  One of those differences is that we can help you with both the design and planning of your project as well as the construction itself.  With KRB you can get the benefits of one stop shopping and a single source of accountability throughout your entire project.

Your other option would be to work with separate businesses for the cabinetry, countertops, flooring, tile and other products, and then one or more other businesses for the construction.  If you choose to go this route, you need to clarify who will take responsibility for orchestrating things and making sure nothing slips between the cracks.  For example, who will make sure the measurements are all correct before the cabinetry is ordered?  If something doesn’t fit, who will be responsible to pay for the replacement?  Also, what if the replacement product takes 6-8 weeks to come in after it’s ordered?  If you are not willing or capable of taking on these responsibilities, make sure someone else is.

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