Do You Want a Kitchen Designer to Work For You or With You?

At KRB Kitchen and Bath Design Center we love working with happy clients!   We also truly believe we have happy clients because we work together with them to help them achieve their kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling needs.   We think working with you is much more fun and rewarding than working for you.  That’s because when we work with you it doesn’t feel like work. We are part of a team all working together with the same goal in mind: helping you design and buy the right kitchen for you, your home and your family-all within your budget.  Because it’s your kitchen, not ours, as professionals we need to work with you to explore, understand and redesign the spaces at your home so they feel like yours, not ours!

Working together helps eliminate mutual mystification!

If we worked for you, either we would expect you to tell us what you want, or perhaps you would want us to tell you what you will get. To us that feels like order taking, not creating solutions. Instead, we would rather help you design your project, compare, select and buy the right products for your home.  Working together with you helps reduce the risks that often can come with trying to blindly sell you what we think you should have.

As part of working together, we will want to get to know you, your home, how you and your family plan to use your new kitchen, and why you are motivated to remodel.  To help you get ready to start working with us, check out this list of helpful articles:

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Working together helps us help you stay within your budget

As part of our Project Development Process we will agree on a realistic budget for your project before design and product selections begins.  Using your budget as a guide together we can explore design options you can afford.  As part of establishing that budget, we will also need to agree in advance regarding what level of products and finishes you want to include in your new space.   As you add a project detail, or select a product to be included, we can let you know how your choices affect your ability to stay within the agreed budget.  We can also work with you to help you value engineer your choices.  That way you can decide to spend a little more on one product or area by considering less expensive details and/or products elsewhere within your project.

That’s our take on working with you vs. for you.  The choice is yours.  You can ask us to work with you, or if you prefer, you can find a contractor who will work for you.  Either way we hope you have a great experience and it all leads to a successful project!

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