How KRB Makes Sure Your Design Stays Within Your Budget

At KRB Kitchen and Bath we promise your kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling and design will stay within your budget.  To help you accomplish this, we work with you to help you establish a realistic budget for your project before the design work begins. Establishing the budget begins with our In-Home Visit and Consultation with you at your home.  By discussing your project with you at your home, and by looking at and inspecting the areas of your home to be renovated, we can help you establish a realistic budget. It will then be used to guide and control the design so it stays within that budget.  As part of the In-Home Consultation, we assemble for you what we refer to as our Preliminary Opinion of Cost Package.  The package clarifies the scope of work to be performed as well as what is to be included and was assumed when establishing the budget.

The budget won’t change unless you say so

If you are comfortable with the budget, and would like to go forward with KRB for your renovations, we will offer you our Project Development Agreement (PDA).   The KRB PDA process is much more than just design.  To make sure the overall project stays within budget, the process also includes our construction team estimating the project cost as the design develops and as products are suggested and selected.  After accepting the PDA, the KRB design professional you have worked with then becomes the “keeper of your budget”.   Your budget is further protected because our PDA includes a blank change order form.  Your KRB design professional cannot allow the project to exceed the agreed budget unless you choose to do so and sign the change order indicating the changes to the original project scope and/or budget. Have you ever heard of a kitchen and bath renovation contractor doing that?

Help choosing your products with confidence

Because we are a full-service kitchen and bath showroom and design center we offer just about every product your project will need.  Our showroom and design center includes cabinetry, counter materials, floor coverings, tile, ventilation options, sinks, faucets, bath fixtures, hardware, – and the list keeps going.  This is a benefit for you because not only can you get pretty much everything you need all in one place, as you explore product options, we can point you to products within your budget and/or let you know if what you see and like keeps you within your budget.  We can also help you “Value Engineer” your product choices so you can splurge in one area by being conservative in another.

Our fixed cost guarantee

At the end of the project development process your KRB design professional will offer you a written fixed price construction agreement.  The agreement will include a detailed description of the work, the products to be used, a fixed total cost and a project milestone based payment schedule.  By accepting the construction agreement you will be locking in a guaranteed fixed price.  That means if we designed the project and we will be completing the remodeling, the price won’t change unless you decide to change something, or we both discover something neither of us could have anticipated.  If that ever happens, you will be informed right away and we will prepare a written change order for your review and acceptance before proceeding with any additional work.

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