Tips To Help You Make Confident Kitchen and Bath Selections

Choosing the right kitchen and bath products for your home is an important job.  You want to make sure you choose the right products for your all of your needs.  There are many other important factors that should be considered before you make your final selections.  At KRB, our staff is trained and has the experience to help you make confident decisions.   Simply put, we help you get started by keeping your end goals in mind.  To help you do this, we ask you to spend some time thinking about, imagining, and pre-experiencing the new kitchen or bath of your dreams.

Start out by making a list

Whether you are looking for help to buy your products and plan to get them installed yourself:, or have us help you with full kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling services:, your product selections should only be made after fully considering the true reasons you are remodeling, as well as any other contributing factors that may affect your project.   Before you visit our showroom, we suggest you first make a list of what works and what doesn’t work in your current kitchen or bathroom.  Add any other factors that you feel may or may not affect your project.  Your list will help us jump start more conversations as we begin working together. 

Here is just a partial list of considerations that could affect the selection of your products:

  • What do you like about your current kitchen or bath and want to protect when remodeling?
  • What don’t you like about your current space and why?
  • What do you imagine will be different about the new space and how do you plan to use it differently after it is complete?
  • If your family is evolving, who else will be using the space and how?
  • If budget becomes a concern, what must be included and what could be substituted or eliminated?
  • What new products have you seen in the marketplace and are interested in considering?
  • Do you prefer to cook with gas or electricity?
  • What style or styles do you like? Colors?
  • Will you need high traffic floor products?
  • Should we plan ahead for any future health needs?

With a list of things to consider you can then begin to explore and choose your products on your own right in our showroom.  Or, if you lack design skills and talent, and prefer professional help, our KRB design staff can work together with you to help you choose your products.

How our staff can help

If you want to consider our assistance selecting your kitchen and bath products, listed below are just a few ways we have helped our past and current customers:

  • Make sure the products you choose support your reasons for remodeling.
  • Help you choose products that fit into and complement your design, color scheme and room size.
  • Make sure the products you select from can be ordered and delivered on time to meet your required completion schedule.
  • Let you know if the products you choose will require additional installation materials and/or labor to complete.
  • Make sure the products you choose meet building code, electric code, ventilation and plumbing code requirements.

One last thing to think about

If you want to make confident decisions about the products you plan to include in your kitchen or bathroom, we suggest you work with a contractor-owned kitchen and bath design center that offers installation by in-house staff. A remodeling contractor with a showroom already has experience with the products and the manufacturers of the products they work with. That type of business also is well aware of the lead time it takes to order and receive products so they will be at the job site when needed.  They already know how to install those products and what else might be needed to complete the installation.  Conversely, a contractor without a showroom may not know this information for the products you select.   Or a showroom that does not install products may not be able to help you fully understand whether the products they sell you will work at your home, meet the needs of your design, and/or may increase installation costs compared to other options.

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