What’s the Difference Between a Design Agreement and a PDA?

Most kitchen and bathroom showrooms can offer you a design agreement.  At KRB we offer what we refer to as our Project Development Agreement or PDA.  There is definitely a big difference between them.   In this article we will share with you those differences so you can confidently decide which makes the most sense for you and your project.  If you would like to learn more about our PDA and our process, click here to see a sample PDA.

Design vs. Project Development

A bath or kitchen design is just a design.  The design represents a concept for what will be built.  Depending on who you work with to help you create that design, the finished design may or may not be within the budget you are willing and/or able to afford.  If you choose project design, after investing many hours of your own time participating in the design process, you will then need to also invest many more hours interviewing and collecting pricing from contractors.  If the prices the contractors quote you all exceed your budget, you have at least three choices.  You can decide not to go forward, pay what it takes to complete the project based on the design, or you can pay the designer to attempt redesign in the hopes that the next design will be within your budget.

The KRB Project Development Process includes much more than just design.  Below is just a partial list of what is included and a few ways you can benefit:

  • It includes helping you select and then documenting the products to be included in your project.
  • The KRB Designer you work with will take the time to discuss with you and help you make sure that the design, as well as the products you select, will help serve your purposes for remodeling.
  • Our process includes estimating the cost of the design as it evolves so you will know the financial impact of your decisions during the process.
  • Our process includes balancing the design and products to be included so the design doesn’t exceed your budget.  
  • Our PDA includes a written guarantee that your project design will not exceed the agreed budget until and unless you give us written permission to do so.
  • If required, our process helps you focus on products that can be secured in time to support your desired or required project start/completion date.
  • Because we involve our team of construction experts in the process, our process makes sure the design is practical to build.
  • Our PDA guarantees the fixed price quoted at the end of the process will be exactly what you pay,  unless you make changes or we both discover unforeseen conditions at your home.
  • Our process includes preparing a detailed written scope of work for your approval before committing.
  • Our process gets your project ready for our production team to build. 
  • Our process helps get your project started must faster than separating design from construction.

The KRB difference

If you choose to work with KRB to help you design and remodel your kitchen and/or bathroom, we will accept the responsibility for both the design as well as the fixed price construction agreement we offer you.  That means there will be no finger pointing between the design team and the construction team.  That also means that once we offer you a fixed price, if we missed anything that should have been included in the design and/or the price, we won’t ask you to pay for it.  It also means you will only pay once for the design services you and your project need.

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