Why We Won’t Be Able to Help You Without First Agreeing on a Project Budget.

One of the ways KRB is different from other bath and kitchen renovation contractors is that we will not be able to work on your design unless we first agree to a realistic budget for your project. If you have no idea how much a kitchen makeover will cost or how much custom bathroom renovations should cost, have no fear, we can help you with that.  But if you won’t discuss and agree to a budget with us, we will not be able to help you.  Below are three reasons we require a budget to work with you to design your renovation project.

Reason #1: Because we promise to give your money back

That’s right. We become the “keepers of your budget”.  After you accept and pay for our Project Development Process, if we can’t design to the agreed budget we will refund you your money. In fact, even if you want to raise your budget after agreeing to it, we can’t let the design exceed your budget until you first sign a change order reflecting the changes in project scope and cost before proceeding.  Do you know of any contractors or architects who will do that?  We know from experience most other professional designers and architects will charge you again for redesign if the initial design they created exceeds your budget. 

Reason #2: Because we won’t know to show you gold- or gold plated

We want you to be in control of your money and your decisions.  A realtor won’t show you homes for sale without knowing your budget range first.  Out of respect for you, they make sure what they show you is something you are willing to spend and able to afford.   At KRB we follow that same logic. Without knowing what your budget is, we could risk showing you products you want and you “emotionally purchase”, but then perhaps find out later you can’t afford them. When we know your total budget, we can also help you “value engineer” your product selections so you can splurge on some products because you committed to less expensive alternatives for others.  Of course, if you discover you want more than your budget allows, you must sign that change order described above before we can allow you to exceed your budget.

Reason #3: Because we offer a fixed price design process

One of the reasons we can offer a fixed price design process to you is because our entire process is fixed. Our process includes 3 meetings to work with you to develop your design and project specifications.  As part of that process, both KRB and our customer must be prepared for each meeting and will have homework to do between each meeting.  By sticking to our process, and having a budget to guide us as we move through that process, your project will never exceed your budget.  But if budget is not considered as we design together, then there is a high likelihood your project may end up at a price tag above your budget.  As discussed above, redesign costs you more money.  Our process helps eliminate the need for redesign due to budget overruns. 

With our project development process design always moves forwards, never backwards!

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