Will KRB Be a Good Fit For You as well as For Your Remodeling Project?

Most of the clients we work with lead very busy lives. KRB Kitchen and Bath has found it helpful to proactively share how we do business with those considering whether to work with us. You might assume that KRB does business in a similar way as other kitchen and bathroom contractors you have spoken to or may have worked with in the past.  That mostly likely is not the case.   In order to serve our clients in the best way possible, and stand out as the best kitchen and bath design center in the Seacoast Area to work with, we purposely do things differently. 

We understand that our way of doing business may not be for everyone.  With that in mind, and in respect of your time, this article highlights a few of the ways we are different.  We hope you see value in our differences. However, even if you decide we are not the right remodeler for you and your project, we hope this article saves you time in your pursuit of a professional and friendly bath and kitchen remodeling contractor to partner with.

We offer Fixed Price Proposals- No breakdowns

As part of our Project Development Process, we help you with creating the design and selecting the right products to serve your true purposes for remodeling. You will find a wide variety of manufacturers and products on display in our local showroom and design center. We then offer you a fixed lump-sum price proposal for completing your project. It is important to know that we do not offer any pricing breakdowns of your project in our fixed price proposal.  If that is one of your requirements, we might not be a good fit for you.  However, during the project development process, we will help you compare product differences and related pricing to help you confidently select your products within your budget. 

We charge for design and project development

Many contractors offer what they refer to as “free design services”. That may seem wonderful- until you are faced with several added costs that you weren’t expecting.  We think it’s only fair that those who buy from us only pay for the services they received. A lot of time, thinking, and knowledge goes into every project we design and complete. Every project is unique and is treated as such. Therefore, KRB charges customers for the work we do to design and prepare their projects for construction.  Because we do business this way, we can promise if you buy from us, you will not be paying for anyone else’s “free services”.  Of course, if you do buy from us, the fee you paid is applied to the total project cost.  We think that’s fair, how about you?

For our process to work, we need you to do your part

Although we will be there to help you during the design and product selection stages, it’s your project and what will be included or not is your decision, not ours.  As long as you do your part to make timely and informed product decisions and selections, there should be no reason we can’t give you a guaranteed fixed price for your project and complete it on schedule as promised.  We will also need you to commit to do your part after construction begins.  Your responsibilities can include things such as attending progress meetings, making additional decisions along the way, attending our Quality Control Precompletion Meeting, and making all progress payments on time.

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